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Re: Linkbases, Topic Maps, and RDF Knowledge Bases -- help me

Danny Ayers said -

> I may be wrong, isn't the purpose of UML to allow it to model all
> kinds of things? (hence Unified)
> i.e. part of the U of UML was to bring in ER?

The "U(nified)" part indicates that three different object modeling methods
were combined ("unified").  It wasn't to bring in ER.

When I model ER-ish databases I usually use IDEF1X (think ERWIN).  When I do
high level modeling of a program or system, I start with a simplified
version of Open Modeling Language, which handles composition and containment
better (i.e., the semantics are better defined) than standard UML, and it is
easier for me to read the diagrams.  OML actually can be considered an
allowed variant of UML, since the OMG has provided methods to extend and
modify standard UML.


Tom P