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RE: XML won't validate against schema

Can you please post the schema & doc. Unless it's an instantly recognisable
XMLSpy bug, there's not a lot to go on here.

Danny Ayers

<- -----Original Message-----
<- From: Tim Greiner [mailto:majormit@WORLDNET.ATT.NET]
<- Sent: 16 April 2001 20:37
<- To: Xml-Dev
<- Subject: XML won't validate against schema
<- Hi all...newbie here trying to validate an xml doc against a
<- schema I built
<- with XMLSpy.  The schema contains a required element with some
<- optional and
<- required children. However, the XMLSpy validator says the file
<- is not valid
<- (Mandatory elements expected in 'contact' after 'phone': name, phone)
<- 'contact' is the reqd element and 'phone' and 'name' are the
<- reqd children
<- of contact. I have entered data in for name and phone but am
<- still getting
<- the not valid msg...anyone seen this?
<- Thanks
<- Tim
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