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a or b or both - mystery..

I have a requirement where I have to specify the following condition in a dtd...

   ecat-supp-name and ecat-supp-code are individually optional but one of the
two needs to be present to locate the vendor

   So I need to have ecat-supp-name or ecat-supp-code or or both in the higher
level element...

  Thats how I wrote the dtd  .

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!--DTD generated by Anshul-->
<!ELEMENT CartHeader (ObjectType, ObjectNumber?, UserId, FromOrganization?,
ToOrganization?, PassportVersion)>
<!ELEMENT CommCodeXref (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT EcatCatalogId (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT EcatCurrency (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT EcatItemDesc (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT EcatQuantity (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT EcatSuppCode (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT EcatSuppModel (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT EcatSuppName (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT EcatSuppPartNbr (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT EcatUnitPriceFx (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT FromOrganization (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT LineItem (((EcatSuppName|EcatSuppCode)|(EcatSuppName,EcatSuppCode)),

                                   ManufacturerName?, EcatItemDesc,
CommCodeXref?, EcatQuantity, EcatUom,
                                   EcatUnitPriceFx, EcatCurrency,
EcatCatalogId?, EcatPONumber?)>
<!ELEMENT ListOfLineItems (LineItem+)>
<!ELEMENT ManufacturerName (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT ObjectNumber (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT ObjectType (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT PassportVersion (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT ShoppingCart (CartHeader, ListOfLineItems)>
<!ELEMENT ToOrganization (#PCDATA)>

But getting the following error " Content Model is non - deterministic for Line
Item" when I try to validate this dtd.

Any Idias ??