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Re: supporting non-xml and xml capable browser

On Mon, 16 Apr 2001, Jong Tjioe wrote:

> If this is in the faq somewhere, please point me to it.
> I am pretty sure this has been asked before. 
> I am writing a Servlet which will write dynamic pages depending on user
> request, say to process a query/search operation.  The output as of right
> now is in XML format. If user is using XML capable browser then this is the
> end of story. Since I have to support non-xml capable browser, so here is my
> question:
> What method is the most efficient to support non-xml and xml capable browser
> at the same time (say IE5.5, IE5.0, IE4, Netscape 4x and Netscape 6x)?

Get an application server that does server side transformations, but can
also leave the content as XML, like Cocoon or AxKit (or one of the
pay-ware products if you have a few hundred thousand dollars to spare).


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