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Re: atoms, molecules

Stuart Naylor wrote:

> I find it a little strange the idea of representing unicode translations
> binary data types.

And all this time I'd thought that binary datatypes were merely grafted on
top of the fundamental XML unicode text as a convenience for CPUs that
prefer to deal with particularly structured binary bits.

> If a service or application is going to use a schema then it probaly has
> logic to deal with the underlying data.
> I like things simple like myself and with something as fundemental as a
> precision number or integer do I not already have my schema embeded
> with the decimal point.

But realize that the _underlying data_ is text and the fundamental basis of
XML is unicode. I see being able to manipulate elements as patterns of text
a _good thing_. Suppose we find out tomorrow that the fundamental unit of
some new amazingly powerful optical processor is 17.3 bit words. XML and XML
data will be fine.