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RE: XML Overlays and Deltas: Existing methods? Ideas?

I apologize.  I went back to re-read your mail.  
You aren't changing the definition of the file. 
You are changing the values of the properties, 
not the properties.

Groves are too heavy for that.  XSLT might be 
a way to do it 

><XML ID="ob1">
>   <update xpath="author/book["Bob's Life"]/sold">98</update>

is illegal outright (reserved use of XML string) unless it is 
just an example.  On the other hand, an XML transform would 
describe the change but also may be a "heavy" fit.  This 

    <addAttr path="a/b@c">value</addAttr>
     <deleteAttr path="a/b@d"/>
     <addElement path="a/b"><c>Some content</c></addElement>

is legal but again, if I wanted to apply it without a special 
engine, isn't this just a shorthand for an XSLT template?


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