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Re: XML Diff and Sync

Robin LaFontaine wrote:

>We have proposed a delta format for XML (see 
>http://www.deltaxml.com) which does what you need though it does not 
>use Xpath.

Thank you for the reference, and I look forward to working with your 
demo.  It seems to share a similar flavor with XML Fragment 
documents, so where you describe a change like this:

     <xhtml:html deltaxml:delta="WFmodify" >
         <xhtml:head deltaxml:delta="unchanged" >
         <xhtml:body deltaxml:delta="WFmodify" >
             <xhtml:table deltaxml:delta="WFmodify" >
                 <xhtml:tr deltaxml:delta="WFmodify" >
                 <xhtml:td deltaxml:delta="unchanged" ></xhtml:td>
                 <xhtml:td deltaxml:delta="unchanged" ></xhtml:td>
                 <xhtml:td deltaxml:delta="WFmodify" >
                     td 3
                     td 3a

All I really need is something like this:

     <PCDATAmodify xpath="html/body/table/tr/td[3]">
         td 3a

I like the idea that you can use the same document to describe 
changes in both directions (old to new and new to old).