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Re: XML Diff and Sync


I understand your comment, but I am not sure that in the general case 
the Xpath is any better. It is a question of where you start your 
Xpath given several changes 'near' each other in a nested level in 
the tree. DeltaXML puts these into the same 'diff' tree/branch but 
using Xpath there would simply be similar Xpaths.

We have a variation that works also for elements that are not 
ordered, i.e. need to be compared in any order, possibly using some 
kind of 'key' value. This would make the Xpath much more complex to 
identify the correct element, but the deltaXML format remains 
similar, with the addition of the key. But that is not part of the 
DeltaXML Markup which you have been using - it needs knowledge of the 
DTD. If you browse the diffs for XML Schema, for example, on the web 
site (http://www.deltaxml.com/prod-xmlschema.html) and see Example 
Output, you will see what I mean.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy using DeltaXML and let us have any further comments.

Kind regards,

At 3:06 PM -0400 4/18/01, Joel Bender wrote:
>Robin LaFontaine wrote:
> >We have proposed a delta format for XML (see
> >http://www.deltaxml.com) which does what you need though it does not
> >use Xpath.
>Thank you for the reference, and I look forward to working with your
>demo.  It seems to share a similar flavor with XML Fragment
>documents, so where you describe a change like this:
>     <xhtml:html deltaxml:delta="WFmodify" >
>         <xhtml:head deltaxml:delta="unchanged" >
>         </xhtml:head>
>         <xhtml:body deltaxml:delta="WFmodify" >
>             <xhtml:table deltaxml:delta="WFmodify" >
>                 <xhtml:tr deltaxml:delta="WFmodify" >
>                 <xhtml:td deltaxml:delta="unchanged" ></xhtml:td>
>                 <xhtml:td deltaxml:delta="unchanged" ></xhtml:td>
>                 <xhtml:td deltaxml:delta="WFmodify" >
>                 <deltaxml:PCDATAmodify>
>                 <deltaxml:PCDATAold>
>                     td 3
>                 </deltaxml:PCDATAold>
>                 <deltaxml:PCDATAnew>
>                     td 3a
>                 </deltaxml:PCDATAnew>
>                 </deltaxml:PCDATAmodify>
>                 </xhtml:td>
>                 </xhtml:tr>
>             </xhtml:table>
>         </xhtml:body>
>     </xhtml:html>
>All I really need is something like this:
>     <PCDATAmodify xpath="html/body/table/tr/td[3]">
>         td 3a
>     </PCDATAmodify>
>I like the idea that you can use the same document to describe
>changes in both directions (old to new and new to old).
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