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Re: Apparent contradiction in use of PEs inside internal entity defs

> It was the wording of internal subset vs internal entity that got me I 
> think.  Section 4.5 does not distinguish between internal entities in 
> the internal subset and those external to the xml file.

Right.  You must be careful to distinguish between these distinctions:

 - internal and external entities
 - internally and externally defined entities
 - parameter entity references in the internal and external subsets

> Do you know why there is the restriction on PEs in internal subsets.  
> It does make non-validating parser's easier I guess since they aren't 
> required to read external entities.

They're not required to expand *any* parameter entities.  Constraining
them to be at the top-level, and expand to whole declarations, allows
them to be skipped over. 

-- Richard