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[ANN] Charity XML Bookshop launched

We have developed an application to create and display an XML file
containing all the XML-related books on Amazon (US and UK). We have decided
to give all commissions to charity, and have asked our preferred charity to
register directly with Amazon. Until then, we are using my own associate id,
but you can be assured that if you buy through this site all commission will
still go to a suitable charity. "Suitable" to us means international,
helping people, spending rather than investing donations and not spending
much of its income on advertising. The shop is at

We can, and will, do more work on the site, but we decided to launch now for
the following reasons:

1. We could tinker with the application for ever, but, we want your feedback
so we only make useful changes. The "about" page shows some areas about
which we would like your views, but feel free to make any comments.

2.  We are recruiting and want you to see our ad!

Get shopping and get reading!

Paul Spencer
CTO, alphaXML Ltd
author: Professional XML Design and Implementation (Wrox Press)
co-author: Beginning XML, Professional XSL (Wrox Press)
XML services for industry and Government
+44 (0)1491 630053