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Re: Using W3C Regular Expressions

> For this sort of simple example, this seems reasonable to me. However, I
> hope there is not going to be too much of a trend toward doing this sort of
> thing. In my mind, if a datatype has some structure to it, why not just make
> it a complex type and leverage XML syntax to convey that structure? Isn't
> that really the whole point of XML -- a standardized syntax for conveying
> structure?

Yes, my thoughs exactly,  that is one of XML's primary features.
However a number of reasons exists
- Using string syntax enhances  the readability.
- Size, SVG path strings are more compact.
- DOM bloat,  large DOM trees could be created.

Of course the question is if these arguments are valid...

One of my strong points is If these types of parsable encodings are created
then an equivalent XML schema should also be created. This is what is someone
doing with XPath.

Then microparsers could be created for xpath expressions etc.


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