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Re: atoms, molecules

At 12:12 AM 4/20/01 +0200, Anders W. Tell wrote:
>>Or does it bind more tightly to a particular processing environment?
>Unfortunatly it is bound to a processing environment. Mainly because there 
>are to many
>syntaxes which are not readily handled by "readable" regular expression or 
>other usable
>declarative technologies.
>The mircoparsing binding is just a named mapping to/from a string based 
>type and an equivalent XML schema.

As long as it's just a matter of naming something, that just sounds like 
additional metadata which may or may not be useful to a particular 
recipient.  Seems (to me) like a reasonable addition to a description of a 

>>Regular expressions don't solve every problem, but I find them attractive
>>because of their relative independence from particular platforms and their
>>inclusion in XML Schema.
>Regular expresssion may be a declarative approach that an handle a number 
>of useful use cases.
>But what is the result after applying one or more reqexps, a xml fragment 
>or... ?

That's what we need to figure out next.  I'm leaning toward text fragments 
with labels - child text nodes with extra properties, in a DOM sense, or 
just extra information that a program could explore if needed.

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