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Re: atoms, molecules

"Simon St.Laurent" wrote:
>But what is the result after applying one or more reqexps, a xml fragment
>or... ?

That's what we need to figure out next.  I'm leaning toward text fragments
with labels - child text nodes with extra properties, in a DOM sense, or
just extra information that a program could explore if needed.

One simple solution may be to first annotate Schema with references to an XSLT extension
and an equivalent Schema.
Then use this information to micro-parse  nontrivial encodings using XSLT into the equivalent XML fragment.

Going the other way is fairly simple using XSLT as Robin Berjon showed in a previous posting.

Another observation is that moving strings from attributes to text between element tags
allows for a lazy evaluation in a DOM context.

Robins B's. example:

<path> M 100 150 l 80 90 H 200 z </path>

may be lazily/on demand evaluated to:

   <moveto position='absolute' x='100' y='150' />
   <lineto position='relative' x='80' y='90' />
   <horizontal-lineto position='absolute' x='200' />
   <closepath />

I think I remember though, that one reason for putting SVG paths in attributes was
that when stripping tags from an xml text stream then all path texts are present.


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