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Re: Using W3C Regular Expressions

Robin Berjon <robin@knowscape.com> writes:

> At 00:35 20/04/2001 +0100, Al Snell wrote:
> >On Fri, 20 Apr 2001, Anders W. Tell wrote:
> >> However a number of reasons exists
> >> - Using string syntax enhances  the readability.
> >> - Size, SVG path strings are more compact.
> >> - DOM bloat,  large DOM trees could be created.
> >> 
> >> Of course the question is if these arguments are valid...
> Readability is imho a valid argument. XPath as it is is more readable than
> any XML equivalent (this is not a comment on the quality of the XML
> representations that have been submitted here and elsewhere, they serve a
> different purpose and I'm already using Matt Sergeant's excellent
> representation in some projects).
> Size otoh is not really a good argument. Gz-compressed SVG is really small
> (smaller than the other vector graphic formats that I've benchmarked it
> against), and it wouldn't be much larger if paths used markup instead.
> However, SVG paths wouldn't be much more humanly readable as markup than
> they are as strings so that point is pretty moot in the context of SVG

Disagree -- if they used markup I could use XSL(T) on them, which I
would really like to do!

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