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RE: performance test suite? (was: Re: Using W3C Regular Expressio ns)

The code from David Brownell's XML.com articles were contributed to the
xmlconf project on sourceforge (http://xmlconf.sourceforge.net)  
It has been pretty quiet up until the last week, when I started 
committing xUnit based implementations of the NIST DOM test suite.  
In addition to publishing DOM conformance test results, I still need 
to publish results for the new OASIS XML conformance suite.

That said, performance testing was one of the areas that we had expressed
interest in, but David and I have been pretty busy boys on other fronts.
If you are interested in doing something serious with Performance Testing,
then we can definitely make a home for it within the existing xmlconf 
project and can add new committers.

I would strongly suggest that you base your tests on the xUnit test of
test frameworks (http://www.xprogramming.com/software, http://www.junit.org,
http://www.jsunit.net, etc).  You might check the JUnit site since I think
there was a recent article on performance testing.

Take a look around xmlconf and our discussions (pretty dated now) on 
performance testing and let me know what you think.