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Re: Using W3C Regular Expressions

At 15:27 20/04/2001 +0100, Al Snell wrote:
>On 20 Apr 2001, Henry S. Thompson wrote:
>> > Size otoh is not really a good argument. Gz-compressed SVG is really small
>> > (smaller than the other vector graphic formats that I've benchmarked it
>> > against),
>Did you gzip them too, for a fair comparison?

No, but for a reason. Most of the benchmarks we've done here were against
Flash (SWF), which is a binary format. We were benchmarking for use in a
web context, where not all browsers understand gz encoding properly (and
where it gets even worse when you start mixing gz-encoded and
non-gz-encoded elements within a single page). Gzipping SWF doesn't work
consistently accross browsers, but in any case it usually doesn't buy you
much (from what I've seen).

In most cases, gzipped SVG is same-size or smaller that the equivalent SWF
(or at least SWF made to have similar content). We didn't dig into it too
far (we were just trying to decide whether or not we could tell our clients
that there would be no substantial size increase). We also threw in a few
other vector graphics formats, but without caring too much about the results.

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