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Call for Speakers Software Development Boston 2001

Once again I'm chairing the XML track for Software Development 2001 
East, and I'm looking for interesting speakers who'd like to talk 
about things XMLish. This year the show has moved to Boston, and will 
take place from August 27-31. Besides the change in venue, this year 
also sees the introduction of the co-located Web Services World, 
which I'm not involved with, but which some of you might also be 
interested in submitting proposals for.

This is a hardcore developers show, but not a deep XML show. 
Attendees are looking for meaty, technical, how-to presentations on 
specific technologies like schemas, DTDs, SAX, DOM, JDOM, XLinks, 
XQuery, Schematron, RELAX, WML, etc. Some things we are NOT looking 
for (at least in the XML track) are very broad analyses of business 
cases for XML, introductions to XML itself, very academic 
presentations on hypertext theory, or advanced seminars that assume 
attendees are already intimate with schemas, XLinks, XSLT, and so 
forth. Of course this is all relative toward the knowledge level of 
the audience. At this point, I think we could probably justify an 
advanced DTDs talk that discussed modularization using parameter 
entity references and namespaces. However, we probably wouldn't 
accept the same talk if it used schemas instead of DTDs because few 
people in our audience know a lot about schemas yet. However, we 
would be interested in a basic intro to schemas.

In other words, this is a show geared towards working programmers, 
not a show geared toward academics, managers, or XML experts. We find 
our attendees come to this track to learn about XML, not because they 
already know a lot about XML and want to debate the finer arcana, so 
aim your talks at beginner and intermediate users, not the people who 
regularly post to this mailing list and write for XML.com. Ideally, 
we want a broad mix of technologies and presentations so attendees 
can walk in the first day of the show knowing nothing about XML, and 
walk out the last day having a solid grasp of what all the pieces of 
the XML puzzle are, how they fit together, and know enough to start 
using them.

We have approximately one dozen 90-minute slots to fill. We are also 
open to intermediate level, 1-day tutorials on special topics like 
XSLT or Schemas. For the most part, we'll be looking for experienced 
speakers to fill these. If this is your first time presenting at a 
conference like this, it would be better to start with a couple of 
seminars rather than a full-day session.

You can submit abstracts online at


The deadline for abstracts is May 1, 2001.  Please submit your 
abstracts as soon as possible.  Abstracts which are selected will 
receive notification by email no later than May 15. Unfortunately, 
due to the volume of abstracts we receive, we cannot notify every 
submission regarding their status.

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