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XChart, was: RE: SAX Filters

Leigh Dodds wrote:

> Has anyone compiled a list of useful SAX filters? I've been casting
> about for some and was slightly suprised to find so few available.

> Given the interest in 'pipelining' XML processing, and the
> support in JAXP for Transform filters, I'd have thought there would
> be more resources available.

I've just posted a source code release of some XChart stuff ...


Inside you will find a bunch of SAX and SAXON stuff which implements a
multistage XSLT transform pipeline. The HTTP form CGI variables are injected
into the SAX chain which starts the transform pipeline. At each stage a
com.megginson.sax.XMLWriter saves intermediate results to transaction
directories. The org.openhealth.saxon.OpnoteServlet java class implements
this pipeline and is an example of using SAXON with the TRAX API.

A live demo of this is available at

(there are still a few little nits i have 'upgrading' to the latest version
of SAXON...)