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Re: Validation API, was: Regarding the vote on XML Schema.

> IIRC, the consensus was that more is needed than a 'pluggable validator' 
> API; each schema technology brings its own infoset contributions.

The "xml.pipeline.*" APIs (in the Java XML package at
http://xmlconf.sourceforge.net/java/apidoc)  supports that.
There's currently only one validation filter (DTD validation),
but others could be added.

I'd hope that infoset additions which can't be spliced in the SAX2
event streams directly (defaulted attributes, say) would easily be
defined through additional SAX2 "handler" callbacks/properties...

> 'Validation' can be seen as a special case of an infoset contribution.

For one example, validation errors are ErrorHandler.error() calls;
though perhaps some kinds of validation might prefer more specific
sorts of notifications.

- Dave