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4 weeks till XML Europe - check out the Late Breaking presentatio ns,the Graphic sessions, and more.

Don't miss the enormous opportunity to network with peers at the largest XML
event in Europe. It is now only 4 weeks till the XML Europe event in Berlin,
21-25 May.  Sign up today!

Check out the newly announced late-breaking presentations:

RDDL Makes Namespaces More Useful
Tim Bray, CEO, Antarcti.ca Systems, Canada

RDF E-Commerce Advantages: A Case Study
Race Bannon, Director of Training, InformationArchitects/Robert Gingras,
Director of Electronic Commerce, General Motors, USA

RDF Calendar Taskforce
Libby Miller, IRLT/University of Bristol, UK/ Greg FitzPatrick, Metamatrix,

BibTeXML: An XML Representation of BibTeX Data
Erik Wilde, ETH, Switzerland

Building Trust Infrastructures
Peter Ebenhoch, XML Consultant, epico Informationssysteme GmbH, Austria

A Practical Approach to XML Based Messaging
Pradeep Jain, Chief Technology Officer, Hypervision Ltd., USA

Fault-tolerant valid XML
Jim Gabriel, CEO/ John Anderson, CTO, Barbadosoft, The Netherlands

And more....

Hear the latest news on Graphic Standards and their utilization in the

If you have trouble making hotel reservations in Berlin, visit the web sites
listed below:


To view the full conference agenda:

Don't hesitate, register today!

Marion L. Elledge
Senior VP/IT
Graphic Communications Association 


Check out the upcoming GCA/IT events:
XML Europe 2001, Berlin Germany, 22-26 May 2001

Extreme Markup Languages 2001, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, August 12-17, 2001

XML 2001, Orlando, Florida, December 9-14, 2001