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Seeking lURNed advice on UDDI

I'm beginning to think that UDDI might be real useful.

If you check out the spec-ware (PDF, grrrrrrrrrr) at 


it turns out that the UDDI tagset is in a namespace whose
name is "urn:uddi-org:api".  This makes me uncomfortable, but
maybe that's just because I don't understand URNs.  First off,
how unique is that?  It doesn't *look* very unique to a URN

Second, does this mean that you can't use RDDL or even an
ordinary web page to allow the eager-to-learn to discover
some things about the namespace?   Or are have URN resolvers 
been quietly been springing up while I wasn't looking?  
(Neither IE nor Mozilla do anything useful for me with this
particular URI).  -Tim