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Re: XML won't validate against schema

Martin Gudgin wrote:

> A few things spring to mind;
> 1.    XMLSpy doesn't like minOccurs='0' on the xsd:all element ( validate
> the schema doc to get this info ) ( 0 is a valid value according to the
> latest spec BTW )
> 2.    Valid values of maxOccurs on an xsd:all are either 0 or 1. unbounded
> is not allowed ( line 495 )
> 3.    All that being said, it still doesn't work although changing the
> xsd:all elements to xsd:sequence fixes the immediate problem ( and would
> allow values other than 1 or 0 for min/maxOccurs ). I suspect XMLSpy has a
> problem with xsd:all here.

I've also had validation problems with xsd:all using XML Spy. I submitted a bug
report to XML Spy but unfortunately I didn't get a response.