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Re: Can XML Schemas Support Document Systems (WAS RE: ZDNet Schemaarticle,and hiding complexity within user-friendly products)

From: Murali Mani <mani@CS.UCLA.EDU>

>to elucidate a bit further -- what can happen is the output schema can be
>something like
>a) (book*, author*, book*),
>b) (book1*, book2*) etc
>both of which cannot be defined using xml schema

In the case of a), I would claim it is a good thing that this cannot be
represented.  The schema writer clearly has some kind of difference
in mind between books appearing before an author and books appearing
after.  That difference should be made explicit in markup, as a matter
of best practise.  Give them different names if they are different.
Otherwise ( book*, ( author+, book*)) is good enough.

Rick Jelliffe