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Re: Can XML Schemas Support Document Systems (WAS RE: ZDNet Schemaarticle,and hiding complexity within user-friendly products)

On Thu, 26 Apr 2001, Rick Jelliffe wrote:

> From: Murali Mani <mani@CS.UCLA.EDU>
> >to elucidate a bit further -- what can happen is the output schema can be
> >something like
> >a) (book*, author*, book*),
> >b) (book1*, book2*) etc
> >both of which cannot be defined using xml schema
> In the case of a), I would claim it is a good thing that this cannot be
> represented.  The schema writer clearly has some kind of difference
> in mind between books appearing before an author and books appearing
> after.  That difference should be made explicit in markup, as a matter
> of best practise.  Give them different names if they are different.
> Otherwise ( book*, ( author+, book*)) is good enough.
> Cheers
> Rick Jelliffe

Rick, there is a difference -- it is *not* the human who is coming up with
these what the humans write conforms to xml schema. it is the *dumb*
machine which sees the above content models for the first time as the
result of processing.

cheers - murali.