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CreateNewInstance" from xml(Schema)

i'm developing a new application that's heavily based on XML.
i'm loading and saving xml document instances from and to database "without

I'm currently evaluating the best way to implement a "new document" feature,
that is , generate an XML document instance based on some kind of definition
(something like when you make an ado recordset from a "select * from mytable
where 1=2" sql statement)
i'm considering using an xml-schema document (or a custom XML -schema like-
document) and then pass this schema to an XSL document that would output a
brand new xml instance document based on the schema
Do u thing it's the right approach ?
Has someone tryed successfully something similar ?
ready made code for this ?
suggestions and comments are welcome

Enrico Sabbadin: esabbadin@vb2themax.com
MTS/COM+ / VB-COM FAQ: http://www.sabbasoft.com/mts_faq.htm