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Re: Seeking lURNed advice on UDDI


The UDDI specs are available in Word format as well as PDF.

From the http://www.uddi.org/ home page, click on "Specifications", and you get
to choose the format you want.
Pointers to the PDFs are "helpfully" included on the home page as well.

There is also a "Forums" page that takes you to general and technical discussion
groups, which are monitored by the IBM, Microsoft and Ariba people who
presumably chose "urn:uddi-org:api" in the first place.

Strangely, UDDI may actually provide a mechanism for finding out about any
"urn:" namespace.

If you look at Appendix I of the Programmers API,  on page 60 you will find a
description of the uddi-org:types taxonomy.
One of the values in this taxonomy is "namespace".

What this means is that you can create a UDDI tModel, and categorize it as
representing a namespace.

There are no tModels categorized like this in the UDDI Registry, so, yesterday,
I asked in the uddi-technical conference
>2) Can you give an example of when you might use a tModel categorized
>as a "namespace" in uddi-org:types?
Dan Rogers of Microsoft replied :
>Not off hand.  The notion of a namespace implies context - and as in XML
>namespaces, the meaining of a given namespace is dependent on the
>intention of the author/owner.  I might claim, for instance, that
>"urn:uddi-microsoft-com" is a namespace - and this mechanism gives me a
>way to make that claim.

Taking this further, a UDDI tModel has an <overviewDoc><overviewURL> field,
which can be used to point to an RDDL file.

To find out about the namespace "urn:whatever", I could do a UDDI
which would return a list of tModelKeys ( probably with just the one entry ).
For each tModelKey, I could do a  <get_tModelDetail>, until I found one
categorized as a namespace,
then follow the <overviewURL> to an RDDL file.


Iain Fergusson
JP Morgan European Technology Centre

tbray@textuality.com on 26/04/2001 01:13:24

To:   xml-dev@lists.xml.org
cc:   (bcc: Iain W Fergusson)
Subject:  Seeking lURNed advice on UDDI

I'm beginning to think that UDDI might be real useful.

If you check out the spec-ware (PDF, grrrrrrrrrr) at


it turns out that the UDDI tagset is in a namespace whose
name is "urn:uddi-org:api".  This makes me uncomfortable, but
maybe that's just because I don't understand URNs.  First off,
how unique is that?  It doesn't *look* very unique to a URN

Second, does this mean that you can't use RDDL or even an
ordinary web page to allow the eager-to-learn to discover
some things about the namespace?   Or are have URN resolvers
been quietly been springing up while I wasn't looking?
(Neither IE nor Mozilla do anything useful for me with this
particular URI).  -Tim

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