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Re: ebXML adapt SOAP, is UDDI next?

certainly wouldn't claim to be an expert, but IIRC, UDDI uses SOAP,
but has its own encoding style, it doesn't use the standard section 5
SOAP encoding.


On Wed, 25 Apr 2001 10:53:00 -0500, in xml you wrote:

>ebXML recently adapted SOAP into the Messaging Specification, 
>which encompasses a set of services and protocols that allow an 
>electronic business client to request services from electronic business 
>servers over any application-level transport protocol, including SMTP, HTTP 
>and others. ebXML defines a general-purpose message, with a header that 
>supports multiple payloads, while allowing digital signatures within and among 
>related messages. Although the header is XML, the body of the message 
>may be XML, MIME, etc
>A similar proposal is underway to use the UDDI business registry 
>to search for an ebXML Registry/Repository. 
>Anyone with UDDI expertise care to comment?
>Eric Chiu