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Re: Can XML Schemas Support Document Systems (WAS RE: ZDNetSchemaarticle,and hiding complexity within user-friendly products)

Eric van der Vlist <vdv@dyomedea.com> writes:


> Thanks for your answer and please forgive me if I have given the
> impression to say that W3C XML Schema is useless, I do feel that it's a
> usefull and important specification and that's why I feel concerned
> about it!

Apology accepted, and I apologise in turn for the asperity of my
remarks -- I agree that XML Schema does not give document authors
everything they need, but it doesn't give data authors everything
_they_ need either!  I guess as someone who came in to this
business from the document end, I over-reacted to the what I perceived
as the assertion that XML Schema was not good for documents as well as
data -- I think it's good for both, but could, can and will be better.

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