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Soapbox: Magic bullet or dud? & Models for dynamic e-business

Soapbox: Magic bullet or dud?

Brett McLaughlin casts a critical eye on the Simple Object Access Protocol,
assessing the value this much-discussed new technology can provide
developers and demonstrating its foundation in a mixture of the old RPC
(remote procedure calls) technology and in XML. Brett examines RPC,
XML-RPC, RMI, and SOAP in detail, comparing and contrasting the use of
each, and discusses whether SOAP makes sense. This article also includes
sample code for a SOAP envelope.

Web services architect, Part 2: Models for dynamic e-business

Every emerging technology has to cross the chasm between innovation and
acceptance. The technology adoption life cycle for Web services is no
different. However, this technology does pertain to a different target
audience of decision makers. Who are they? What will motivate them?
Building on the vision of Dynamic e-business, this article explores the
value proposition Web Service technologies offers to business entities in a
variety of market segments.