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RE: Wasting half a trillion dollars?

On Mon, 30 Apr 2001, Bullard, Claude L (Len) wrote:

> People who tell you a web browser is a perfect 
> next generation client need to write a few 
> industrial sized database applications so 
> they can discover the joys of persistent state 
> and client side business rules.

Aye to that. I hear you, brother!

I've developed all too many Web apps now. And yet I remember a discussion
about GUI design (not as in, "where do we put the buttons", but more
"writing X windows or MacOS") in which somebody fervently proposed that
the GUI software was just a Web browser that handled overlapping windows
(eg, it included its own window manager), and then ALL applications were
Web apps. He had some odd ideas about the demand for word processing and
spreadsheets, I expect.

Making all applications emit a Java applet when invoked which runs on the
GUI client and may talk back to the application proper via RMI is a little
more like it, methinks...

Horrendous amounts of javascript / DHTML cruft is required to make a Web
form work anything like a decent GUI in most cases. This is hell to work

> Len 


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