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Re: XMLDevCon - Free Subscriptions?

At 10:35 AM +0100 5/2/01, Phil Ruelle wrote:
>Can anyone confirm or deny that as a Gold Pass attendee of the
>London XMLDevCon in February this year I should receive a free
>year's subscription to a Java magazine (JDJ?) and an XML
>magazine (XML DJ?)?
>I sent an e-mail to Camelot (the organisers) asking this very
>question but received no reply and have long since disposed of the
>conference brochure.

I don't know what you were promised. I do know that the publishers of 
XDJ/JDJ and the organizers of XMLDevCon have had a major falling out. 
SysCon has initiated legal action against Camelot. I have no idea 
who's in the right here, but I wouldn't count on getting any free 

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