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intersecting schema with application-specific validation

hi, i'm developing an xml based application where i need to validate a "rather" complicated structure.
I'm happy that w3c schema have right yesterday (2nd may '01) become a reccomendation,
still i think i won't be able to express all validations i need to express using just an xml schema, moreover i need to generate a "new instance" based on this "schema" , and so i'll need to put more info "somewhere" since an xmlschema leaves you, evidently,  too much freedom in this "new instance" process.
The point where my doubts are is that , since schema won't be enough , where should i put extra "application specific" validation info (a custom xml syntax ?) . how can i apply both validations in a consistent manner that won't lead to spaghetti code.
if there is any standard, approach , best practice you are aware ? i'd like to know.
thank in advance. 
Enrico Sabbadin: esabbadin@vb2themax.com
MTS/COM+ / VB-COM FAQ: http://www.sabbasoft.com/mts_faq.htm