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Re: intersecting schema with application-specific validation

This was discussed on this list a month or two ago.  Schematron might be a
good choice for validating things  that xml-schema cannot.  Or maybe RELAX
or TREX.


I'm happy that w3c schema have right yesterday (2nd may '01) become a
still i think i won't be able to express all validations i need to express
using just an xml schema, moreover i need to generate a "new instance" based
on this "schema" , and so i'll need to put more info "somewhere" since an
xmlschema leaves you, evidently,  too much freedom in this "new instance"
The point where my doubts are is that , since schema won't be enough , where
should i put extra "application specific" validation info (a custom xml
syntax ?) . how can i apply both validations in a consistent manner that
won't lead to spaghetti code.
if there is any standard, approach , best practice you are aware ? i'd like
to know.
thank in advance.