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RE: partial implementations of W3C XML Schema?

I have good intentions (which is worth about the same as a pets.com
stock option) of refreshing XSDComp (http://xsdcomp.sourceforge.net)
which used XSLT to "compile" a schema.  Basically, resolving all the
references, imports, equivalence groups, extensions into a resolved
form.  The resolved form could be used to generate documentation
(showing precisely what elements could appear where), generate
application specific DOMs or custom validators, or transliterate to
Schematron, RELAX et al.

When I was originally doing the work, trying to figure out how to
evaluate complex type restriction using XSLT baffled me.  At the time,
it seemed to be woefully underdefined.  Of course, it would be obvious
for the simple cases, however if things got seriously complex, there
seemed to be no end of ambiguities.  I feel the same way about refine

I think that it could still be very useful in building applications from
Schema.  However, I expect that it won't implement complex type
restriction or redefinition for a long time if at all.  If is just
easier to modify the schema to avoid these constructs and the target
audience would typically have control over the schema.

It might fall into your category of bankrupt implementations, since I
haven't been putting any care or feeding into it for probably a year.