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Re: partial implementations of W3C XML Schema?

At 08:27 AM 5/4/01 -0700, Jeff Rafter wrote:
> > How many partial implementations of W3C XML Schema are out there?
>Does implementation mean validator?  I have been using schemas since July of
>last year to model Object Pascal structures (Borland's Delphi) and serialize
>the object instances in XML and it is working great.  The implementation
>also allows communication to C++ and Java (though I stopped working on the
>Java end as so many other implementations were cropping up).  All of this is
>based on the ability to create structures which model inheritance and apply
>type to element data.

Implementation could mean validator, yes, though it's not limited that way.

Is your implementation partial, though?  Did you just support the features 
that made sense to you, or did you work all the way through the XML Schema 
spec to completion?

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