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Re: partial implementations of W3C XML Schema?

> Implementation could mean validator, yes, though it's not limited that
> Is your implementation partial, though?  Did you just support the features
> that made sense to you, or did you work all the way through the XML Schema
> spec to completion?

I suppose in some sense it is "partial" as I didn't need to use every
feature of XML Schema.  Obviously I would have no need for redefine
key/keyref or several others.  However it does fully represent my objects so
in that sense it is complete. I have gone through each version of the spec
to see if there were things I could add or needed to change-- I don't know
if that's what you mean by 'work all the way through the spec to completion'
but that's what I did...

If you want to see the result I have an online version:


Jeff Rafter
Defined Systems
XML Development and Developer Web Hosting