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Re: XML schemas for Local Government anywhere outside the UK??

Hello Andre:

My Company, XML Global, has begun work with both the United States
Government and the Canadian Government to develop Schemas for
interdepartmental transactions.   We are using a more robust methodology
than simply developing schemas, in fact,  we began developing a set of
reusable Core Components for business use on which the entire message
and document instances are based.

News references:

Each Core Component resides in an XML  Registry/Repository system and
can be referenced via the XML schema from a message instance.  The Core
Component structure contains semantic references to facilitate discovery
of component meaning and cross reference other taxonomies such as
Disa/X12, Commerce Ones xCBL and Aribas cXML.   

IN order to do this,  we set up the Registry using our XML Search engien
tightly coupled to our Native XML Database to create the Registry. 
Modelling methodologies are employed to derive business message
instances created using the Core Components.  In all,  the systems
resemble the architecture of ebXML with some UDDI and WSDL thrown in for
good measure.

I don;t want this to sound like a commercial for my company but if you
are interested in more technical details and contacts for governments, 
please email back in private. 

D -

Duane Nickull, CTO - Founder
XML Global Technologies, Inc.