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Namespaces and other stuff


		As normally happens in this kind of lists, I am writing you to ask you a 
naďve question. I am new to XML, and I have passed the last three weeks in 
browsing the web and reading some XML, CSS, XSL, etc. stuff. I have almost 
understood all the material (I think), however, although I have read some 
stuff about namespaces, I haven arrived to understand how does I work.

		In an example XML page I found a reference like the next:

<article xmlns="http://www.xml.com/namespaces/first-x" 

		Could some one of you explain me a little beat what does this thing mean, 
how does it work, where are stored the "predefined" namespaces, etc, etc.?

		One other thing. If some one of you knows (I think yes) where can I find 
commented XML programming examples, I will thank you to share them with me.

		Thanks in advance, and best regards.

		Guillermo Hoyos.

Guillermo de Jesús HOYOS RIVERA
Doctorant du LAAS-CNRS, groupe OLC
7, Avenue Colonel Roche, bureau A43
31077, Toulouse, FRANCE
Tel. (+33|0) 5 61 33 62 63
Fax. (+33|0) 5 61 33 64 11