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RE: First Order Logic and Semantic Web RE: NPR, Godel, Semantic W eb

Humans are in the loop. 

1.  Are they the right humans?  

2.  Do they have the legitimate authority to 
make the decisions they are making? 

3.  Who has the legitimate authority to contest 
those decisions?  Who legitimized them? (it's 
about power, who has it, who believes they 
have it, who denies it, who decides)?

4.  What is the scope of consequences given a 
decision made using some semantic service?  (if 
it kills someone, who is culpable; if a stereotype 
denies a service, who is culpable)

5.  Can a decision be enforced?

The Semantic Web will never be the universal or unified system 
some are talking about.  That is like a vertical vocabulary. 
The devil is in the details of name, semantic scope, and 
legitimate authority.   Limited scope systems survive.

Listen to the comments concerning architecture and the web at 


An architecture committee eventually becomes a Dean Martin Celebrity 
Roast:  scripted, cue cards, old jokes, tired old commedians, and lousy 

I don't fear a TAG.  I pity the poor yuks that have to serve 
on one of those.  They won't have guns; they won't even have 
body armor.  They will be closeted and because they will be 
in the closet, they will be defenseless when exposed.  No matter 
how many NDs are signed, no matter what blood oaths are taken, 
the rumors out the facts.   They can't enforce their decisions. 
They get cut off from change and ideas because they are 
feared and loathed, so eventually, they become irrelevant.

The same thing happens to monolithic semantic systems unless 
they are scoped, have a means of resolving definitional clashes, 
and are easily turned off or turned down.   People don't put up 
with machines that tell them when a door is ajar.  They 
will use the console lights.  If the seatbelt has a switch that 
disables the ignition unless fastened, they or their best buddy 
hunt it down and disable it.  Mammals are relentlessly willful.  

Don't fear the reaper.  Or Gates.  The first guy has a natural 
function and the second guy needs your money to function.  A 
TAG is toothless without developers.  A semantic web needs 
someone to fill in the slots.  Discoverable harvested data 
that isn't vetted opens the developer of the code and the 
user of the code up to lawsuits.  

Legitimate authority:  AKA, who sez?  That is the crux of it.


Ekam sat.h, Vipraah bahudhaa vadanti.
Daamyata. Datta. Dayadhvam.h

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From: Joel Rees [mailto:rees@server.mediafusion.co.jp]

Just had a thought. All this talk about making the system do things that
humans are way better than computers at, what would the dangers of putting
humans in the loop be? And would that defeat the purpose of SW?

I, for one, hope that Bill and company are not breathing over anybody's
shoulders to get SW out the door.