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XML Information Set goes to Candidate Recommendation

The W3C's XML Core WG is pleased to announce the advancement of the 
XML Information Set to Candidate Recommendation status:

      XML Information Set 
      John Cowan, Richard Tobin, eds.


	This specification provides a set of definitions for use
	in other specifications that need to refer to the 
	information in an XML document.

Candidate Recommendation Plans and Exit Criteria

The purpose of this XML Information Set specification is to provide 
definitions for use in other specifications; definitions of what 
structure is represented by the syntax of an XML document was not
included in the original XML specification, but a number of 
technologies layered on XML have needed such definitions, and have 
specified them:

	* The Document Object Model is an API for manipulating the 
	  structure represented by an XML document. 
	* XPath gives a syntax for selecting parts of the structure 
	  represented by an XML document; this syntax is defined in 
	  terms of a data model; this XPath data model is used in the 
	  XSLT and XPointer specifications. 
	* The XML Canonicalization specficiation is also based on 
	  the XPath data model. 
	* The XML Schema specification is defined in terms of the 
	  information represented by an XML document, not in terms 
	  of the character-sequence syntax. 
	* The XInclude specification is defined as merging document 
	* The XML Query algebra is based on a data model for XML. 

Implementation of this XML Information Set specification consists
primarily of its use in such layered specifications. 

Feedback from working groups developing such layered specifications is
expected to provide the bulk of evidence of implementation experience of
the XML Information Set. 

Of course, feedback from software developers who find the XML
Information Set specification is welcome. Feedback from those developing
training materials regarding the structure of XML documents is also in order.

Status of this Document

	This specification of the XML Information Set is a 
	Candidate Recommendation of the World Wide Web Consortium.

	One of the main purposes of the CR period is to gain 
	feedback based on implementation experience. Because its 
	purpose is to provide definitions for use in other 
	specifications, implementation of this specification 
	consists primarily of its use in those specifications.

	The XML Core Working Group invites comments on the 
	specification thru 15 Jun 2001, at which point we expect 
	to have sufficient evidence of implementation to advance 
	to Proposed Recommendation. Comments should be sent to 
	www-xml-infoset-comments@w3.org; An archive is available 
	to the public at

	For background on this work, please see the XML Activity 
	Statement. This specification is a product of the XML Core 
	Working Group.

	See the XML Information Set Requirements for the specific 
	requirements that informed development of this specification.

	It is inappropriate to use W3C Working Drafts as reference 
	material or to cite them as other than "work in progress". A 
	list of current W3C Recommendations and other technical 
	documents can be found at http://www.w3.org/TR/.

Paul Grosso, Co-chair of the W3C XML Core WG