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Re: Xalan or Cocoon

Jorge Bello writes:

> I'm a beginner in XML and have a question. I need to transform XML th=
> rough XSLT.
> It seems that Xalan y Cocoon can do the work. How to decide which one=
>  use ?

It depends on your application. 

Cocoon's base use is to serve an XML page with the appropriate XSLT transform applied. It does use Xalan internaly as it's XSLT processor. Cocoon may also be used to write full-blown applications since it does support connections to databases, and application logic through eXtensible Server Pages (XSP).

You probably wouldn't use Xalan alone (unless as a command line utility) but as part of a Java servlet. 

See http://www.whump.com/www/xmlone/ for a comparison between what I call the "Direct Approach" (Cocoon, AxKit, IIS with the XSLT filter) and the "Application Approach" (Calling Xalan, MSXML, etc. from within your application.)

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