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RE: XML Schemas: Best Practices

> If a schema validator ignores schemaLocation (or, as in the 
> case above,
> there is no schemaLocation) then the validator is expected to "locate"
> the appropriate schemas by some other means.   Obviously, if the
> validator is unable to locate the appropriate schema then it 
> will fail. 
> This is true regardless of whether you're using dangling 
> types or not. 
> I guess that I don't really understand your point.  Perhaps you could
> explain further?

Yes, but  schemaLocation is a "hint" and not required to be used, so using
schemaLocaiton to override a definition seems a crapshoot (the processing
application may have it's own idea of where the schema is). If validators
were required to 'take the hint' then your method would always work.