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[Announce] Native XML Database dbXML 0.6 Released

The dbXML project is pleased to announce a new developers release of the
dbXML Core XML Database. The new release is version 0.6 and is available
from http://www.dbxml.org/.
The dbXML Core is an Open Source native XML database designed to manage
large collections of XML documents. The server supports XPath queries
uses an implementation of the XML:DB XML Database API for development of
applications. The software is easily embedded into
existing applications, highly configurable and openly extensible. The
source code has been released under the GNU Lesser General Public
License and is available for download from the dbXML Project web site

With this release we continue our march toward dbXML 1.0. Major changes
in the
release are few but cleanup, bug fixes and documentation improvements 
have been significant. Feature complete status for 1.0 is
expected with the next release of the server. The README file 
included with the distribution includes more detail on the changes in

People interested in the use or development of dbXML are encouraged to
join the
project mailing lists. http://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=7824

Development of the dbXML Core is sponsored by The dbXML Group L.L.C.


Kimbro Staken
The dbXML Project