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ANN: XML: A Primer, 3rd Edition, and thanks

I'm happy to announce that XML: A Primer has reached a third edition.  This 
edition has been substantially reorganized, breaking down different aspects 
of XML into smaller parts.  It also includes (brief) coverage of W3C XML 
Schema and RELAX.

While I don't think most of the readers of this list are in need of a 
primer any more, but I'd like to thank everyone for the discussions here 
which have enriched XML: A Primer substantially.  The book has changed, and 
needed to change.

 From the preface:
"XML has changed dramatically since I began writing the first edition of 
this primer three years ago.  At that time, it seemed possible to describe 
all of the possibilities of XML 1.0 and its related specifications in one 
slim volume, providing a concise but comprehensive introduction.  The first 
edition had many times as many pages as the XML specifications of the day, 
and while the specifications could be difficult reading, the structures 
they described weren't especially complex.  Now the specifications vastly 
outweigh this book, but more and more developers need an introduction to 
the technology."

More information is at http://simonstl.com/xmlprim/

I'll have the code for the book up in the next couple of days, as I needed 
a printed copy to find out page numbers. Funny how that's still the case!

Simon St.Laurent
XML: A Primer, 3rd Ed. / XML Elements of Style
XHTML: Migrating Toward XML
http://www.simonstl.com - XML essays and books