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Remote access

  We are a medical device company who would like to use XML
  for data exchange, namely, for saving and retreiving configuration
  information regarding specific studies that have been conducted
  by a physician( we build an advanced heart mapping system ).

  The problem is that many of the examples I have seen at xml.apache.org
  and others utilize namespace resources on the internet.  We can't do
  that because our box must run standalone.  We also cannot rely
  on something as nebulous as the internet for conducting medical

  Now, I saw some archived mail from xml.apache.org that says
  one can create their own EntityResolver for redirecting a reference
  to, say, a DTD to another DTD.  That is well and good.

  What we would really like to do is use local cached copies of
  the internet resources.  Is there anyway to do that?  For example,
  I am thinking of the namespace at 'http://www.w3c.org/1999/xlink'.
Sandra Carney