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Re: Remote access

[Sandra Carney]
>   The problem is that many of the examples I have seen at xml.apache.org
>   and others utilize namespace resources on the internet.  We can't do
>   that because our box must run standalone.

>   What we would really like to do is use local cached copies of
>   the internet resources.  Is there anyway to do that?  For example,
>   I am thinking of the namespace at 'http://www.w3c.org/1999/xlink'.

I'm not sure what "namespace resources" you are referring to.  Strictly
speaking, an xml namespace is simply a way to get a unique identifier.  It
doesn't have to, and usually doesn't, actually point to anything.  That is,
no url gets retrieved.    In the case of your exmple, the xlink namespace,
an xlink processor doesn't go and get a document at that url.  It simply
checks to make sure that you used that string as the value of the
namespace - if you had used a different string, it would know that you
didn't mean "xlink" from the xlink Rec even though you used the "xlink:"

Similarly, an xslt processor does not go out and retrieve the xslt namespace
url before running a transform.

Now some people may decide to actually put a document at the url named by
the namespace - but that's a matter for convention or agreement between
various parties.

On the other hand, dtds and schemas, if you use them to validate when you
use a document, do need to be accessible.  If you are arranging your own
system that doesn't use the internet, you can undoubtedly arrange that too.


Tom P