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Re: Attributes v Elements

Adam Van Den Hoven wrote:

> Actually its not just verbose, its simply wrong... although perhaps not in
> the xHTML example you provide. 

It is not "simply wrong".  It may be annoying.

> <p> I like to listen to the <org id="CBC">Canadian Broadcast
> Corporation</org>. But I then again, I live in <loc id="can">Canada</loc>.
> </p>


> <p><span>I like to listen to the</span><org id="CBC">Canadian Broadcast
> Corporation</org><span>. But I then again, I live in <span><loc
> id="can">Canada</loc><span>.<span></p>
> All of a sudden, the signal to noise ratio has gone up by an order of
> magnitude.

Not.  The S/N ratio is .51 in the first case, .92 in the second.
And this text is densely marked up, as documents go: one paragraph,
two sentences, two semantic tags.

> The statement that there should be no mixed content elements is faulty,

I never made such a statement.  (Someone else did.)

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