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Re: Attributes v Elements

* Duane Nickull (duane@xmlglobal.com) wrote:
> > Most times there is no definitive answer, it comes down to your
> > preference.  I would refer to the FAQ that Robin mentioned.
> >>>>>>>>>>>
> This answer is completely bogus.
> No one has posted an easy guide for this so I will forward a quick
> explanation then I do suggest Robin's references as the definitive guide.

I really don't understand where you get off abjudicating my response
as "completely bogus".

That I believe there is an arbitrary difference between elements and
attributes does not imply that data modeling is arbitrary; obviously
there are better and worse ways to structure your data.  It impossible
to recommend a specific solution without fully understanding the
specific problem Tom is trying to solve.

The attribute vs element issue is a religious debate, and you're
preaching.  There is *NO DEFINITIVE ANSWER*. If you think that's bogus
I suggest you step down from your podium for a moment to reread the
Cover pages and the previous debates as you yourself advertised as


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