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ANN: BOX Browsing Objects in XML

Dear all,

I have released a tool called BOX, which reads UML models in XMI and
exports the contained diagrams in vector graphics form, including SVG
and VML.


The state of the code is rather embarrassing and there is noone to
maintain it, so I hesitated for quite a while. Having said that, it is
of even less use to people if not released at all.

The code also contains functionality for producing DTDs from UML models.
This is being opposed by some people in other threads, but software
developers who don't know anything about XML have expressed interest in
using case tools for DTD design.

Since diagram information in XMI is (so far) proprietary, the tools
requires you
to use the Unisys exporter for Rational Rose (or Select Enterprise). It
uses simple heuristics to restore the diagrams from the rather poor info
the exporter
makes available.