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Re: help with SGXML to XML/HTML/RTF/Word

Just to let people know, we have put a go of MS Word "Save as Web Page"
format output to true XML converter (and back again) into the Ace
scripting language as a library. We don't claim its complete yet,
but it does a pretty good job for what we have needed. Basically it
converts the saved Word output into valid XML (as the default output
is not valid XML - its HTML with 'XML islands').

There is also a RTF to SGML converter function there too for a reasonable
subset of RTF.

A free version of Ace is availble at 'www.simdb.com' - enter 'download'
as the search term.

Ace is part of the SIM commercial product, and is not available as
source code before anyone asks. We have pulled the scripting language
out as a freebie for people to play with if they find useful.

Ace is an OO scripting language which includes the SP and Expat parsers,
plus other library functions such as the RTF translation and MSO 2000
Word conversion library.